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Paul Verlaine Absinthe

Verlaine Distillery is a proud producer of traditional absinthe, named after the famous French poet and absinthe enthusiast, Paul-Marie Verlaine.


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Paul Verlaine




This distillery was founded with the goal of reviving the classic, traditional absinthe-making process and celebrating the connection between art and drink.

Using only the finest, all-natural ingredients and follow traditional recipes to produce a high-quality spirit that pays homage to the absinthes of old.

So raise a glass to the green fairy, and let Verlaine Distillery be your source of inspiration.

Paul-Marie Verlaine was a great admirer of the green fairy, as absinthe was nicknamed, and considered it the source of his inspiration. The distillery aims to continue this legacy by offering absinthe that is not just a drink, but a work of art.

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