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Segundos Pilsner

Meet Segundos, the Mexican beer company that takes you on a journey through time. Their name means "brief period of time," but once you taste our beer, you'll want to savour every second.


Identity & Branding






The inspiration came from the Vaqueros, the proverbial cowboys who roamed the wilds of Mexico and Texas. These rough and tough mestizos were the backbone of the cattle drives between New Mexico and Mexico City.

At Segundos, they honour the spirit of the Vaqueros by crafting beer that is as bold and unapologetic as they were. They use only the finest ingredients, taking their time to ensure that every sip is as satisfying as the last.

Just be sure to hold onto your hat,
it's going to be a wild ride.

So if you're ready to kick back, relax, and take a trip back in time, crack open a cold Segundos and let the flavors transport you to the dusty plains of old Mexico.

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