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Meet the founders of KipKip, the world-famous take-away Mexican chicken restaurant. Their names are Jose and Juan, but they prefer to go by their alter egos: "El Pollo Loco" and "El Chicken Supreme".


Identity & Branding






These two amigos have been cooking up a storm for years, perfecting the art of the crispy chicken. When they were asked about their secret recipe, they replied, "We'd tell you, but then we'd have to put you on a strict diet of salad for the rest of your life."

Despite their intimidating culinary skills, Jose and Juan are a hilarious duo. They always have a joke or a pun up their sleeve, and customers leave KipKip with both a full stomach and a smile on their face.

Their restaurant is always bustling with energy and excitement, thanks in part to their mascot, a giant chicken named "Chicki the KipKip King."

Chicki can often be seen strutting around the restaurant, taking selfies with customers and doing the cha-cha to the beat of the salsa music.

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