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Darka Daze

Welcome to Darka Daze, where our coffee and noodle bar is a celebration of life...even if it's ultimately leading to death!


Identity & Branding


Darka Daze




Darka Daze founder, Grimmy, always has a morbid sense of humour and a love for all things caffeinated and noodle-y. He believes that life is short, and we should savor every moment with delicious food and drink.

At Darka Daze, they serve up piping hot noodles and strong, dark coffee that will have you feeling alive and kicking. They believe in living life to the fullest, and that includes indulging in guilty pleasures like carbs and caffeine.

Just don't forget to live a little while you're here...because who knows how long we've got left?

Darka Daze's decor may feature some skulls and Grim Reapers, but don't let that scare you off. They believe in embracing our mortality and using it as motivation to live our best lives now.

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