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Danketsu Whisky

Danketsu, meaning "Unity" in Japanese, is a premium whisky that combines the traditional whisky distillation process from Scotland with the unique distillation process from Japan.


Identity & Branding






The blend of Danketsu is carefully crafted to ensure a perfect balance between the two distillation methods, resulting in a smooth and complex flavour profile that is both sophisticated and approachable. The whisky is a true representation of the unity and harmony between two cultures and traditions.

Symbolising this unique combination, the whisky is represented by two koi fish in its branding. The koi fish, a symbol of strength and perseverance in Japanese culture, represents the blending of the two cultures and the strength of the unity achieved in the whisky.

A premium whisky that represents the unity and harmony between the traditional whisky distillation process of Scotland and the unique distillation process of Japan.

Its unique taste, sophisticated packaging, and attention to detail in production make it a premium whisky that is highly sought after among connoisseurs and collectors.

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