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Balfour Gin

A classic South African Gin that would ingeniously incorporate Xhosa traditions and the historic influence of the revered Balfour name, descendants of King Ngconde from the 1800s and still recognised as Kings of the Xhosa tribe.


Identity & Packaging


Balfour Gin




The design mandate stipulated that the label should exude a regal and premium essence, a feat achieved by employing the opulence of gold foils and intricate detailing. The choice of a lion emblem was inspired, representing majesty, strength, and courage.

The label design deftly incorporated traditional South African Xhosa patterns, including diamonds, quadrangles, chevrons, triangles, circles, and parallel lines. These geometric shapes were meticulously arranged to form a pattern that extended to the label's edges.

Inspired by Xhosa traditions and crafted with a regal touch, this gin is fit for a king - or even better, the descendants of one!

So whether you're toasting to the triumphs of the past or creating new memories with friends and family, this South African Gin is sure to impress. A true taste of Xhosa tradition, fit for a king or queen!

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