• Giles Lord

TruequeLab Branding & Packaging Design by Monotypo Studio

Mexican studio Monotypo created this corporate identity and packaging set for Trueque, a company born with a complete vision and experience of 18 years in the world of coffee, from production, export, processing and marketing in the United States.

“We seek to create a brand that shows the best of Mexico and Colombia for the world, young, contemporary but also with a strong connection to the traditional culture of Latin America, we use as a source of inspiration the deer in the Wixarika culture, which represents the union of the spiritual with the material, as well as the union of a coffee bean into two parts, through the union of the opposites, to create an attractive geometric pattern that revolves around the culture of coffee. Trueque, true equality, another way to show the brand, a cultural exchange”.

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